Free PSN Codes – Ways To Get Free PSN Card Codes in 2021

Playstation Network Code (popular as PSN codes) is a twelve-digit virtual currency used in the PlayStation store.

Therefore, free PlayStation gift cards are in great demand worldwide, especially in the United States.

In this well-structured article, you will learn numerous ways through which you can get hands-on free PlayStation gift cards or free PSN codes that work in 2021.

Legit Websites That Pay You in Free Playstation Gift Cards


Idle-empire is a platform in which users can fill out multiple offers, surveys, or even watch videos and earn points according to their time.

The website then allows you to exchange these points to claim exciting gift cards, virtual game items, and even cryptocurrencies.
Hence, you can also claim free PlayStation codes in exchange for the points earned.

One more advantage of Idle-Empire is that no additional registration is required on your behalf as multiple sign-in options are available.


You can Log In using your existing Steam account, Google account, Facebook, Twitter, and even Discord!

You can also refer your friend to Idle-Empire and earn from referral commissions, i.e., you will also receive a portion of what they earn.


Mistplay claims to be the best loyalty program for mobile gamers. This app has a vast custom game collection built for you.

You can choose any game you like and start playing. While playing a game, you will earn a currency called ‘units.’

You will keep earning units as you continue to play the game for longer durations.

You can then exchange these units in place of popular gift cards like Amazon, Google Play, Visa, and even a free Playstation gift card.


Every game also has some unique missions. If you complete those missions, you get an achievement badge and bonus units to claim more gift cards.

At the end of every month, there is a grand contest with some epic prizes to give away, like gaming consoles, smartphones, etc.


GCLoot is another platform that gives you multiple options on how you want to earn rewards.


They call their reward currency ‘GCLoot,’ and you can earn this by any method you like. You can play games, complete surveys, fill out offers, or watch videos to earn GCLoot.

This platform is mostly dedicated to giving away game-related rewards such as in-game items (like skins), gift cards.

The in-game items are from some of the widely popular games like Fortnite, Dota2, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and many more.

Finally, you can also use your GCLoot earning to claim free PSN codes in 2021.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a unique platform, and its working is very different from the other websites/apps discussed above. This reward app is best for the kind of audience that loves shopping online.

So whenever you make a purchase using their app from any of the available brands, you will earn points. Hence, it is a win-win situation to exchange these points for various gift cards (including free PlayStation codes) for everyday shopping.


Fetch rewards app is available for both android and ios devices.


Swagbucks is probably the oldest and the most popular website/app that gives out points and gift cards for completing different tasks.

They have an enormous variety of tasks available, including surveys, shopping online, watching videos, signing up for offers, playing games, and even searching the web.

Yes, you read that right! They even provide you points for searching the internet on their Yahoo-powered search engine.


Their currency is known as ‘SB Points.’ To withdraw these points as real money, you can choose from countless gift card options, including withdrawing free psn codes in 2021.

You can even withdraw the money to your Paypal account.

Sony Rewards

This is a method through which you can get free psn codes list directly from sony. On the official Sony website, you can learn different ways through which you can earn points.


You can follow the below steps to claim Sony Rewards:

  • Apply for a Playstation Visa Credit or a Sony Visa Credit Card
  • You earn 5,000 points after you activate your credit card.
  • You get points for any purchase you make using those credit cards.
  • Exchange these points for the PlayStation store discount code on the official website

Where Can We Use Free PSN Codes

Whether you want to buy Full-HD movies, background themes, player avatars, DLCs of your favorite game, or even download/preorder a newly released game, everything mentioned here is possible through the PlayStation store discount codes.

Hence, if you own any version of the Sony Playstation console, these free PSN codes are like butter to your bread.

How to Redeem Free PSN Card Codes That Work

Let’s say you worked extremely hard and have finally earned your free PlayStation code. But that discount code is of no use unless to redeem it.

Don’t worry. The process to redeem the free PSN voucher code is effortless.

Follow the below steps to claim your discount code for respective platforms:

Redeeming through Web Browser

Redeeming in a PS Console

Problems Using Free Playstation Codes

There are some common issues that a tiny percent of the audience may face while redeeming your free PSN codes.


We have listed below some of these common difficulties, along with their possible solutions.

  • If you receive a physical voucher code, make sure to scratch it entirely with a coin (or a similar material) so that every digit of the voucher code is revealed.

  • Ensure that the expiry date written on the PlayStation gift card has not passed yet.

  • If you have a content voucher for a title that you already own, then that code will not work.

  • Visit the Playstation Network Status website and check if the status light is green (i.e., active) or not. If it is not green, wait for it to turn green and then redeem your voucher code.

  • Each PSN card code has a region printed on it. Make sure that you have a PSN account registered in the same region as listed in the voucher.

Playstation Store Discount Code Restrictions

There are a few restrictions on redeeming the free PlayStation store discount code. Please keep in mind the below points before claiming your voucher code.

  • You will require a legit payment method in your account to redeem your free PSN codes in 2021.
  • Ensure that you redeem your code on the correct account. Content claimed cannot be transferred from one account to another.
  • One cannot redeem Playstation gift card codes belonging to a particular region in some other region or country.


Finally, this sweet and short guide on how to get free PSN codes that work in 2021 comes to an end.

Please feel free to check out the apps/websites listed above to earn free rewards. Our team has also experimented with all these sites to make sure whether they are legit or not.

We guarantee you that all the services mentioned above are genuine, and you can safely use them to get your free PlayStation gift cards in 2021.